Which Are the Highly Valuable Silver Dollars in The Present Time

US silver dollars are heavy and big coins. The world-class craftsmanship and wonderful artistry bring life to ordinary silver pieces. Due to which, they are highly appreciated by the coin collectors. They also spent generously to get them in their collection.

1803 Proof Draped silver metal dollar

This dollar was put in Heritage Auction exhibition. It was sold at a price of $851,875 in January 2013. Its grade was PCGS PR-66. These silver dollars were formed between the period 1801 and 1804. Coin collectors popularly called them as novodels. This word originates from Russia based numismatics. They described these coins as a restrike. According to researchers, around 1870s US Mint workers made use of retired die to restrike these coins.

These coins got struck by mint employees in concealed business deals. Researchers also believed that the reverse die was formed in the year 1830’s and the obverse die was formed in 1834. Due to its rarity, they were sold at an extraordinarily high price.

1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

This dollar was put in Stack’s Bowers’ Galleries exhibition. It got sold at a price of $881,250 in August 2013 in Stack’s/Bowers, Chicago, IL. Its grade was PCGS MS-68. Louis E. Eliasberg completed this coin collection with a minimum of 1 sample of every mint mark and US States coin combination. Due to its lofty grade, this coin became an extremely valuable dollar in the world.

1802-Proof Draped Silver Metal Dollar

This dollar was put for auction in Heritage Auction exhibition. It got sold at a price of $920,000 in April 2008 in Heritage Auctions, Rosemont, IL. Its grade was PCGS PR-65 CAM.

Numismatic researchers thought that around 12 of these coins were mint struck in 1832. They also believe that just 4 of them out of 12 such coins exist today. Their amazing sharp detail along with and the high preservation level brought this coin as the most admired silver metal dollars.

1884 Proof Trade Dollar

This dollar was showcased in Heritage Auction exhibition. It got sold at a price of $998,750 in January 2014 in Heritage Auctions, Orlando, FL. Its grade was PCGS PR-65.

Trade Dollars were nearly about the same size as that of regular US silver metal dollars, they were not planned to get it circulated in the US. The US minted them from 1873 till 1885. They were successfully used by merchants in the export trade business carried out in China.

As the Morgan silver metal dollars were introduced in the market, the commercial use of these coins ended in the year 1878. Between 1879 and 1885, the US Mint made proof coins only for coin collectors.


So, these were some of the most valuable silver metal coins with their description of features.