What does it Take to Have a Career in Sports Broadcasting?

The job role of a sports broadcaster depends on their specific job, but it is mainly to either describing the action happening in a game or to provide their opinion on a specific sports topic. As they are speaking to a huge audience, they need to have superb communication skills, professionalism as well as knowledge in sports. For thorough understanding, we have delineated what it takes to be in sports broadcasting careers.

Types of sports broadcasting jobs

  1. Anchors
  2. Talk Radio Commentator
  3. Sports Talk Show Host
  4. Press Box Announcer
  5. Play By Play Announcer
  6. Analysts
  7. Sideline Reporters

What does it take to become one?

Though, there are no specific qualifications needed in order to land a job in sports broadcasting, there is one usual path mostly everyone takes to deem themselves asset for companies. All you need to do is be passionate about sports! Just because you love watching football is simply not enough. You must keep yourself apprised in all of the sports in order to increase your odds to get a job in sports broadcast.

You also need to have a bachelor’s degree at least, in communications, broadcasting or any relevant field. This is because it equips you with the skills and understanding required to thrive in that occupation. The courses may also entail mass media, broadcast journalism, media writing, and audio production. Hence, you need to have a general idea on what kind of job you may want to pursue when you are done with school, no matter it means being a commentator, talk show host or an analyst. This helps in making your decisions easier when knowing which courses to opt for.

When you are in college, it may be more advantageous for you to gain more experience in the media industry by doing internship or working part time for a sports radio or TV station. No matter if the internship is unpaid, you can get hands on experience and make it easy for you to apply for your dream jobs after your graduation. Putting such expertise on your resume showcases that you are committed and dedicated to your career.

Once the college degree is obtained, you can either apply for jobs or continue to pursue your broadcasting education. If going for the latter, you may need to invest a fortune as most schools are privately owned.