What Are The Basic Rules For Installing Power Transformers?

Diverse checking, installations, and testing are made when a transformer reaches the site for successful operations. A successful operation or functioning of a transformer completely depends on a great strategic design based on the production, manufacture and proper installation. Whatever transformer you install, it’s mandatory to follow the standards that help in establishing the transformer for the best operations. For example, if you’re about to install a transformer for your power plant then visit http://www.surplec.com/en/repairs/power-plant/ to explore more intricate data on the plants’ transformers.

Here, some basic rules of installing power transformers are shared

Standard or special tests of the transformers

The testing includes the Ratio for checking the voltage relationship. Next comes the Polarity testing mainly for the single-phase and the 3-phase units. The testing of phase relationship is also done on the 3-phase units for two or more transformers are running parallel. The test of Load Loss is also related to the transformer’s efficiency. The Resistance helps to calculate the winding temperature. Via the circuit testing, the Impedance testing is processed necessary to know information about the breaker. The Regulation testing is necessary for controlling the voltage.

The special or additional tests of the power transformers include-temperature rise, sound, impulse, insulation resistance, insulation power factor, corona etc.

Initial inspection of the transformer on receiving it

The experts check the transformer preliminarily on receiving the transformer. During the shipment, often the transformer gets damaged. If the cracks or scratches can cause severe damage in future while running the operations then it’s better to replace or repair it beforehand. That’s why it’s necessary to check it thoroughly before installing.

Prevention from contaminations

Any kind of leakage might cause contamination causing to a serious threat for the plant. Therefore, to avoid similar scenario, you should develop a standard procedure for the inventory of hardware, tools, and other stuff used during the testing of the device. Maintain a checklist for keeping a track of the stuff used during the inspection. Soon after finishing the job, check whether all of them are properly taken off and none is left in the transformer or even close to it.

Inspecting the Site is necessary

It’s necessary to thoroughly inspect the location where the transformer is about to get installed. There must have been sufficient space for the cranes to move while placing the mammoth transformer where it will get installed.

So, by following these basic rules, transformers are installed.