Things You Need To Know About Document Shredding

Document destruction is an essential task that is carried out by every company. It has to be done with great care as it can pose risk to a business if any sensitive business information gets leaked out. Bad practices of document shredding can put your client as well as staff at a greater risk. To do it safely and efficiently, it is important to learn a few facts about paper shredding.

Discarded document is public property

All the documents that you discard in the recycle bin no more remain the property of a company. Anyone has the right to access it. Unfortunately, if the person uses it against the interest of the business, then it can cause a lot of harm to the business. Also, a business would not have any right to file a legal lawsuit.

In-house document shredding is expensive than external document shredding

Not many businesses know this fact that the money they would be spending in performing paper shredding within the organization would cost them more than what they would incur by outsourcing it to specialized document shredding companies.

This is because an industrial-sized document shredding machine, tools, staff time and labor charges all would make the cost to increase tremendously. Reputable paper shredding services like Houston shredding charges you on the pound basis so you need to pay only for the services you use.

On-site document shredding is superior to off-site document shredding

Document shredding can happen in two ways. One is on-site and another is off-site. As the name suggests, in off-site document shredding, a company will take all the discarded documents to a facility for the destruction. However, when the document reaches the facility, they are arranged by hand.

This task is performed to find out the right recyclable material. This implies that there can be a little possibility of a violation during the period. In case of on-site shredding services, the containers that collect all the business documents are moved to the shredding truck where they get destroyed immediately. So, there is no such possibility of breach and risks of your sensitive information going into wrong hands.


At the first, professional document shredding would look like an additional investment in your business but the safety and peace of mind it provides to the business is worth spending money. Research well and choose the best professional document shredding service for your business.