Stainless steel round bars applications

Stainless Steel Round Bar is used in the making of machineries and equipment in addition to being used as structural material. This is used in manufacturing fasteners. The applications also include the machining industry, construction industry, fabrication industry and other applications where structural strength is needed. Power plants, chemical processing plants, underwater construction lattices and other used these as well. There is a wide range of Stainless Steel Round Bar types that make the bar used in different cases. There are different grades and standards. The making of these bars involve solution heat treatment which makes them much stronger than ordinary steel bars. The different types include different alloys. The different alloy materials provide different mechanical properties which are needed for different applications. The material can contain copper and or sulfur to stand inside acidic corrosion prone conditions. The addition of chromium and nickel make the alloy steel much corrosion crack resistant under chloride ion rich conditions. Titanium addition makes the steel much stronger.

There are other elements such as vanadium, niobium and phosphorus which are also added to bring about different specific mechanical properties to the steel. The round bars come in different standards with different nominal sizes. The bars can range from ¼ inches to higher sizes. Depending on the application requirement, different pressure classes are categorized as well. The 304 stainless steel bar stock could be easily accessed because it is one of the most used types. The price of ss 316 round bar is also comfortable that it makes the first choice for most applications.