Signage 101: Designing Business Signs That Create An Impression!

Business often spend thousands of dollars in advertising, forgetting one basic aspect – signage. You may spend huge on online marketing, but if you are incapable of attracting people to your actual brick & mortar store in person, the investment hardly makes sense.  What does it really take to create business signs that attract new customers? In this post, we take a look at some of the basic aspects and things that need attention.

Simple but customized

Contrary to what many business owners may believe, signage is not about going overboard. In fact, it requires just basic understanding of what a brand stands for and the target audience. For instance, if you are trying to create signage for a bar, you have to use illuminated lights that can shine bright late at night. On the other hand, you want a simple background and probably some creative font to direct people to a charity. It has to be customized for sure, but not to a point that onlookers don’t understand your intention.

Color, theme and contrast

These are three most critical aspects of creating effective and impressive signage. The color says a lot about readability and the first impression. The theme, for instance, depends on the brand and nature of the business. For some stores, you need bright, contrasting signage, while for others, you would probably be happy with a simple basic white background with dark fonts. When you reach out to a signage company for solutions, ask them for ideas. The best signage services always have the expertise and experience to design custom signs, and they will find a way to redefine your business.

Focus on the font

The typography or font of signage for a brand does matter. You want to be absolutely sure that the signage will be readable and will have a font that will make sense to visitors. For example, a lot of advertising experts don’t really recommend using cursive signs, without exercising a lot of caution. If you are still interested in signage that use unique fonts, we would strongly recommend that you check a few examples online and find something that will resonate with your ideas.

Of course, signage comes for a price, so you have to think of how you can manage the right design for a good price. We would suggest that you go to a signage service, ask them for samples and share your expectations to have a fair idea of the options and respective costs.