Should I Shred Documents Onsite or Offsite?

Within many different types of business there is a need to dispose of documents and paper that build up through regular everyday work, as well as materials that have been designed and produced for specific purposes. Whether you choose to dispose of notepaper, invoices, order forms, advertising literature, or any of the above, you have to be aware of data protection and GDPR when considering the best ways in which to dispose safely of your documents. One way in which you can dispose of documents in an effective and secure way is to shred your documents.

When it comes to shredding documents, you are doing everything you can to securely dispose of documents (both sensitive and personal documents, as well as non-descript items that are just rubbish), on a regular basis. This is the best way to ensure that your company is adhering to GDPR and other data protection protocols, removing (or severely limiting at least) the chances of information being used for criminal purposes such as identity theft and fraud.

There are two choices for shredding documents once you have made the decision to do so. Onsite shredding or offsite shredding depends on numerous factors, and with the right choice of shredding company you can gather the opinion of an expert in the field to ensure you choose the right fit for your company’s specific needs.

Onsite shredding is the most secure way to dispose of your business documents, as you can see that the documents have been shredded in front of you. If your business has large volumes of paper waste, including a lot of sensitive data, this might be the best approach for your needs. A van will turn up at your premises on set dates to pick up your shredded waste and remove it. This is also a great way to dispose of a large amount of waste that is not bagged or boxed and if your business is located in a building that is difficult to access.

Offsite shredding on the other hand means that your waste is not destroyed immediately once it becomes waste in the workplace. Instead, you have to lock away your waste in a secure box (or room) and allow collection from a shredding service who arrive in a locked, secure vehicle. From there, your waste is transported to a secure location close by where it is held in an area before being shredded. In these circumstances a business will be provided with a document of destruction for authenticity of the service and process.

Through shredding you can also choose to have your documents shredded by a company with green credentials, taking your documents to shred and then moving them on to be recycled. With this approach you can do your bit for the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of your company in the process.

Whatever your reasons behind shredding official business documents, choose a shredding service that has a wealth of experience in your area and can turn up to shred onsite, or collect your documents securely with a view to shredding offsite. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and your choice is down to your specific company and needs.