Reasons to Conduct a Pre-Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

Whenever a brand new property development takes place there are many different conditions and processes to consider in full. As the person in charge of a development you have to be aware of any legal responsibilities that you have. When it comes to taken on a project for refurbishment or renovation of an existing property, structure, or plot of land, this becomes even more important. One of the reasons for this is that you might find the presence of asbestos on site and this must be dealt with safely and thoroughly before any work can commence on site.

A pre-refurbishment asbestos survey is the perfect answer to your troubles and should be carried out by a professional, and licensed, asbestos survey and management Company. What this will achieve is to completely and extensively survey the land and building that you wish to perform construction or refurbishment work on. All areas of the site will be surveys and wherever there is any sign of asbestos, or asbestos-related materials, a mark will be made of the precise location.

Once the location of all asbestos and asbestos-related materials have been discovered a professional team of licensed asbestos specialists can then work through the analysis and decide what the best courses of action is for the site. In some cases the asbestos might be located in a part of the building where it is highly unlikely to be disturbed. In these cases the asbestos can be sealed up professionally and left in place. In the vast majority of cases however, if asbestos is found it must be removed.

A professional asbestos removal service must legally be carried out by a licensed professional, and never performed by those who own the site or who are working on the refurbishment project. Although this might seem like a delay that you could do without, it is much better to deal with an asbestos problem prior to starting work, as delays mid-project can be catastrophic, especially if work already completed has to be rolled back to deal with the removal of asbestos.

Asbestos was banned from use in construction in the UK back in 1999, but was heavily used for insulation and other reasons for many decades prior to that date. This is why it is still a problem found in many buildings and structures in the country, and it must always be handled with care.

Asbestos fibres, once disturbed, can cause real long-term damage to a person’s health, and it only takes one single breath of asbestos fibres to cause problems. Mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other forms of asbestos-related illnesses do not present symptoms immediately. In some cases it can take many years, or even decades, for symptoms to begin to show, by which time it is too late. Asbestos is fatal, and that is why you should never take a risk when taking on a refurbishment project or property development. Always hire the services of a professional and licensed pre-refurbishment asbestos survey to make sure.