Our Custom Shipping Boxes

Our custom Shipping boxes are the shipping boxes with custom-made size and printing graphics. Many factories need to ship out their products by air or by sea, it is important to get the products well packed by product packaging boxes. But how? we would suggest reaching that goal by 3 steps:

Make the box size suitable for your products. No one wants their products shaken into the boxes or too tight which will press the products. how to get the correct size of the packaging box? you need to measure it and consider cardboard thickness. Some products need to be over cared, so an over flap box style should be chosen.

Customized the printing of the box, inspire your customers! by our packaging box design guidance, you will have an idea of creating your design.

Select correct box material according to the weight of your products. It’s not cost effective that you use heavy cardboard material to pack a light product nor using think cardboard to pack heavy duty products. We deeply understood it’s important to make the customer happy with suitable box material, from years’ experience, we make it.

Retail shipping boxes can be regular slotted carton box style, lift-off lid corrugated box style or even corrugated folding carton box style, they are custom boxes.

While the weight a box can hold may not be top of mind for anyone making a one-off purchase, the weight and strength of a corrugated box can strongly impact the bottom line. Finding the appropriate weight and strength for a corrugated box can mean lower costs in the supply chain and more profit for a business.

Our corrugated boxes are made of three different layers of paper: an inside liner, an outside liner and fluting which runs in between. The flutes between the layers of liners give strength and structure to corrugated boxes and provide an extra layer of protection. This corrugated method, also known as containerboard, ultimately helps provide the strength needed to hold weight and protect the product inside.

The strength of a corrugated box starts with its material. A box’s strength is relative to its density. The more walls a box has, the stronger it will be. The manufacturer’s stamp inside the box usually states single wall, double wall, or triple wall to let you know the strength of the box.

Because all corrugated boxes are not made the same, the outer and inner dimensions may vary, meaning that the weight the box is able to carry can also vary. Calculating the box size also allows businesses to make informed decisions about logistics and supply chain management, but box size will not affect the strength of the box overall.