Interested In A Career In Videography? Here’s Your Guide!

If camera movements intrigue you, you can choose to get into videography. Before we start off, let’s try and understand the role of a videographer first. A videographer is not same as a DoP (director of photography) or cinematographer. Videographer jobs may vary, but largely, they are responsible for covering and shooting small events and productions. They can be involved in covering weddings, commercials, small ads and even live events. For such requirements, obviously people don’t hire cinematographers, so videographer jobs are always in demand. In this post, we are sharing all you need to know about being a videographer.

What’s the role of a videographer?

As we mentioned, videographers are responsible for commercial events, weddings, documentaries, and smaller productions. You will be working with a small crew in some cases, but mostly, videographers are a one-man army. They also look into the basics of editing, if required, and are required to check in management and maintenance of equipment. If you are a freelance videographer, you can expect the freedom to work at your own pace, which is one of the many reasons to join the industry.

How are the salaries like?

Experience, area of specialization, and experience play dominant roles in deciding the money videographers make. On an average, most known professionals make $51,000 per year or more in the US. It also depends on what you do, so for some events, you can be paid way more than a standard videographer.

How to join the industry?

Well, you can choose to go for an educational program that teaches the basics of videography. Having the right set of skills and hands-on training makes it easy to get new jobs. Videographers are also expected to be extremely flexible, and must be willing to work as per the needs of the client. They are also creative people, who are capable of turning a vision into an accessible video. Since their work is for events, they must be fit and should be ready to stand for long hours to get the video done.

Selecting a school

If you want to learn videography professionally, you can check online for more information on schools, but make sure to choose one that offers practical training. You should be able to take up independent jobs after the course, and the school should be able to guide you on the steps ahead.

Check online for videographer jobs and courses!