How to Select Wellhead Equipment

In the drilling operation of wells meant for oil and gas exploration, there is a need for different equipment.

In this small write up we shall try to outline how you can choose different kinds of wellhead equipment in order to fulfill different kinds of pump requirement.

Following are few things that you need to remember while selecting wellhead equipment or Cannseal wellhead sealant.

  • Polished rod

While selecting the polished rod often people try to buy a shorter one, however while you are working in certain problematic well, there can be various issues with it.

So, it is necessary to make sure that the top of the rod must be able to further extend up to the complete carrier bar.

  • Polished rod clamp

This is generally used under the carrier bar while transporting in order to reinforce the rod string.  Generally, such practice is used for those wells that are having lots of failures. The purpose of this safety clamp is for helping the rod string not to travel into stuffing box.

Also, this clamp is needed to prevent different spills.

  • Polished rod liner

For protecting from wearing of polished rod, it is necessary to have a liner, which is a simpler method to avoid any kind of packing leakage out of stuffing box having larger liner diameter.

If it is not long enough then it may hang on the obstacles present in the wellhead either during upstroke or while trying to tap bottom, which may create a problem.

  • Polished rod lubricator

Generally, it is placed directly over the stuffing box. In few cases, you can also find that free-floating type polished rod lubricator along with few wick-actions felt type of wiper pads is also equipped with the polished rod.

This can also offer extra lubrication for polished rod to increase its life.

  • Rod rotator

In order to prevent any paraffin buildup, usually a rod rotator is used which is attached to the walking beam, which is situated on wellhead. While the pumping unit will start pumping, the rotator will slightly turn both rods with each of the stroke.

Few scrapers are placed very closely and while the rods will rotate with each stroke, a small over-travel will scrap the paraffin off.

  • The stuffing-box

For improving the efficiency of stuffing box, it was actually made with a variety of additive types. However, nowadays a cone-shaped packing is used which has become more popular option.