How have Cardboard Boxes Changed the World for the Greater Good?

Cardboard is something more than what meets the eye. It is available in many forms and plays an important role in keeping our lives organized. These easy box packaging keeps the content inside it safe and it can also be reused in many ways. Here is how these boxes have changed the world for good.

  1. Let history be evident

Cardboard was first used in the year 1817 and it was used for a German board game. The material used was refined later into a corrugated cardboard. In the 1870s, it was used for shipping the glassware and other fragile stuff safely. Today, almost every product is delivered in cardboard packaging. The rigid nature of the box keeps the item in place and acting as a cushion at the same time. This is why techy and high quality goods use these boxes to protect themselves from damage.

  1. Keeps your food safe and fresh

Around 60 percent of food packaging comes from cardboard and is used for storing beverages, candy, frozen and dry foods. First product to be ever stored in paper packaging was cereal. Preserving dry cereal in a box extended its shelf life making it more attractive to consumers. Corrugated boxes keep the fresh foods safer as well.

  1. It has evolved the ways in which the products can be shipped

As these boxes are light and economical to use, it eliminates the shipping costs and let the customers have broad access to products in the comfort of their own home. Additionally, these boxes are easy to assemble, disassemble and pack. Before 1900s, bulky wooden crates were put into use to ship goods which brought down the number of goods that could be shipped at ones. This is why cardboard boxes are deemed a miracle in industries.

  1. It eliminates waste

In many situations, the cardboard can be reused to create everything ranging from cat houses, fun forts, bird feeds, magazine holders etc. Hence, these boxes are famous among companies. When the cardboard boxes are of no use to you, you can recycle them with ease.

  1. It can be transformed into shelters

There is at least one NGO that built temporary shelters out of cardboard. The structures were deemed a temporary solution until the people can shift to a more stable and permanent place to reside. But in the bad weathers, they mean a world to the affected. These shelters can also be very helpful in emergency cases where there is a grave need for disaster relief.