Four Important Features to Look for in a Website Builder

Website builders are designed to help small business owners like you create a website from scratch. Using them does not require technical skills and know-how and lets you build a site within just minutes. However, there are many website builders out there with varying features. By doing website builders comparison, you will be able to determine the right builder that has the features you need. Whatever website builder you choose, you will want to look for one that has the following features:

Ease of Use

Website builders are meant to let an average person build a site as quickly as possible. Because of this, you want to pick a builder that is straightforward and easy to use. It should not let you spend hours of extra time figuring out how the tool works. The tool should have an intuitive editing tool that makes it easy for users to shape their site so it looks and feels how they want it to. The editing tool must have features that let users change colors, upload any media, and add elements to every page. Moreover, the best website builder has drag-and-drop functionality that lets users move components of a page around with their mouse.

Plenty of Quality Templates

When building your site, you will want to pick a template that comes close to what you want for your site. Also, make sure the templates have quality. Focus on using clean, contemporary, mobile-friendly and customizable designs.

Every website design template has a full preview mode. Spend time playing around with the template’s functionality, and pick one that you have confidence in.

Pre-Formatted Web Page Layouts

Design templates offer the basic design elements but if you have to add more page to your site, you will need pre-designed and pre-populated page layouts. These layouts are available with placeholders for text, images and other elements commonly found on a certain pain. Thus, you just have to choose the one that suits your need and replace the sample content with your own content.

Responsive Options

These days, people browse the web on their mobile devices. To ensure your site looks well for most visitors, it must be mobile-friendly. You can make this happen by having a responsive website design. A responsive website has the same elements and content regardless of the device used by users. These elements are automatically arranged in a way that makes them look good on any screen size on which a visitor views them.