Factors to Consider for Choosing Business Storage

The packaging is crucial for any kind of business but this can get compromised due to less storage space. For example, due to a lack of packaging material, there was a delay in the delivery. With so much competition, you need to be wary of all the tiniest glitches that can worsen your relationship with your customers. Therefore, you planned to choose a storage unit so that you can stack large supplies of product packaging material.

How can you select the appropriate business storage unit? Several factors can be integrated into your decision making.


Undoubtedly, the most crucial element to consider is the location of storing the additional boxes. For example, Belley offers a smart and convenient storage service besides conceptualizing and designing your corrugated cartons. It has storage services spread across Quebec, British Columbia, Oregon, Arizona, Vermont, and Ontario.

A storage unit near your business means there is no need to waste time driving to remote locations.

Consider the fact of whether you will need access regularly or weekly. You get to choose units as per your work schedule. The storage company offers great drive up units perfect for 24-hour access. A great option for customers in a hurry!

Storage unit size

Consider how much packaging cartons you need to stock. This can be determined after assessing your monthly shipping details. Size is crucial because why waste money on a large unit, which will be half-full or a small unit that will store fewer boxes. For better box management, it is vital to list the carton sizes and estimate the floor space needed to pile it.


Climate control storage units are needed to keep your cardboard cartons safe from heat and humidity. An indoor storage unit designed from weather-resistant steel is great for your box management. You can even use the unit to store documents and other business inventory.

Unit cost

Besides checking the reputation and status of the storage company, the cost is also a factor to think about. Business owners look for cost-effective solutions. Does the potential storage unit charge weekly, monthly or yearly? Do they allow cancellation? How expensive is it from other facilities and why? Ensure that the cost and payment plan suit your needs and budget.

Check insurance option

Insurance protects your business items in the storage from unfortunate events, water damage and thefts. You get a peace of mind that you will receive fair remuneration in case of disastrous events at the facility.