Do’s and Don’ts for Business Event Planning

Organizing and running an event or a meeting needs a lot of effort to ensure every aspect works smoothly. You desire to ensure that every detail is taken care of and there are no disturbing things like people looking bored or insufficient food or no one mingled or everyone left early.

To avoid hosting a totally bust event below are some business event planning dos and don’ts you need to consider.


Plan as soon as possible

Plan the details associated with the venue, theme, speaker, and caterer. It will help you get an idea of the preparation of smaller event details.

Budget & Location 

Without budget planning, you can spend more than necessary. With a clear budget amount, you can determine if you need to spend on a killer speaker or fancy hors d’oeuvres or cover guests parking validation or give freebies to attendees. It also gives you an idea of how much to spend on the event venue. You can visit, to get an idea of a stunning location situated in Eastern Township’s beautiful valley at the foot of Mount Bromont.

Never hesitate to delegate

Event organizing is not a DIY project, there are many moving aspects. Delegation to a team can make things very easy. Select a detail-oriented team and allocate everyone a responsibility like one person is responsible for venue coordination, while the other handles the catering. Ensure that your team is clear about the event vision.

Communicate and meet frequently to ensure each one in synch and on top. A reliable and coordinating team can make a huge difference.

Marketing strategy

Promoting your upcoming event is essential. Consider the effective forms to reach your target audience. Use emails, social networks, TV ads and newspaper to market the venue at a cool venue, where delicious food will be served.

Have a backup plan

Many things go wrong even after thorough planning and coordinating like printer stops working, the speaker cannot make it, caterer gets double-booked. Be prepared for every dilemma, disaster, and contingency. When disaster strikes, don’t panic! Caterer canceled then order sandwich platters or printer stopped working have prints done at the local store. Speaker cannot make it then start a group discussion. See you can fix everything!


  • Never schedule an event on weekends or major holidays.
  • Never rush to get things done fast but ensure it is done correctly.
  • Never underestimate event attendance because 85% invitees do show up. Have sufficient seats and food!
  • Never be overwhelmed of how everything will work. Step back and enjoy it!