Carbon steel pipe fittings grades

There are different carbon steel pipe fittings such as connectors, bends, elbows, adapters and unions. These are made from different types of carbon steel. The steel is graded based on the production methodology, material composition and the pressure classes. There are different schedules and pressure classes in each grade as well. The different grades are named according to standards such as ASTM A105 or WPHY 42. The WPHY grading indicates the wrought pipe high yield materials. The carbon steel pipe fittings have to abide by pressure classes to get along with the piping network. These are used to connect one or more pipe ends or other fittings such as bends, unions and couplings. Some other fittings are used to terminate an open end such as caps.

Each grade can produce fittings in seamless, welded or fabricated conditions. The different conditions account for different mechanical properties as well. The buttweld fittings are stronger due to their welded connections at both ends. They last longer without cracking. The carbon steel buttweld pipe fittings can be welded together with ease and therefore could be used in applications where welding is possible. These are used in water lines, oil and gas industries, waste water management systems and other as required. The WPHY 42 prices are slightly higher than the ordinary carbon steel due to the addition of manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, silicon and others in the composition. The product is also produced through solution heat treatment. Therefore it is stronger and durable.