Business Ideas 101: Start Your Own Doggy Daycare Franchise

More people, especially millennials, are open to adopting and getting dogs, and the industry is expanding faster than the last couple of decades. Expectedly, the need for pet care facilities and services has also increased, and this is now a huge market, which has been attracting investors from all corners. If you always wanted to do something with animals and wish to start your own business, you can consider investing in dog service industry. The good news is you don’t have to do everything from scratch. There are doggy daycare franchises to choose from, and these are pretty lucrative and economically feasible.

Why consider a doggy daycare business?

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, and people who own dogs are typically aged 50 or lower, which means these are working professionals. Dog owners often feel very sad about leaving their furry friend behind, and that’s why they want to spend on doggy daycare, where the animal gets to interact with animals and humans alike. If you choose the right location, you can develop a loyal customer base soon enough, especially if the competition is limited.  Of course, running such a business that involves dogs is no easy task.

Selecting a franchise

There are several benefits of starting with a franchise. First and foremost, you have an established model and brand, which is incredibly useful to get that jump start. Secondly, you can always get help on aspects like marketing. Not all doggy daycare franchises are the same, so check all the relevant aspects, and remember that business owners have to be personally involved in the running of the facility.

What do you need?

Investment obviously is the first step, and remember that beyond the franchise fee, you have other costs and expenses, including marketing and salaries, so be realistic when it comes to the budget. Secondly, review all relevant details, like how many pet owners are there in the selected location, what are the projected trends, and so on. You also need a team of experienced professionals and handlers, and if you intend to offer grooming and boarding services, you need certified experts for that too. Having an affinity for animals is also a must, and it is best to ensure that your business is managed at a personal level, instead of leaving everything to the team at work.

A doggy daycare franchise could be a great way to start your business journey, and you can always expand further.