Asbestos Is a Dangerous Material And Must Be Removed By Competent Professionals

When you are working, living or shopping inside a building, there is a common assumption that as you walk around, you are safe. Building controls now in the United Kingdom are very stringent and these help to keep us safe. However, most rules apply to new buildings only and there are some older buildings where we don’t actually know about the existence of certain things until we find them first. One such thing that is continually showing up in old buildings is asbestos and this is something that you don’t want to be messing with.

Unfortunately, asbestos has been found in some of the older schools and factories and if it isn’t touched, generally it is safe to be around. It’s when it starts to decay and crumble that we run into health issues. This stuff is incredibly dangerous and has been the cause of hundreds, if not thousands of deaths all across the UK in the past. This is why you need to find a competent company who carry out asbestos survey jobs to see if you have any in your building.

The company who takes it upon themselves to do the necessary survey and removal must follow mandated rules and regulations set out by the UK government and the removal stages are as follows.

  1. Your home or business premises need to go through a rigorous inspection to see if there is any asbestos present. The downside to finding asbestos is that you, your workers or your family may have already been exposed to its dangers. If you have been exposed, you will need to undergo a health check that will include chest x-rays and a full doctors examination. All going well, you won’t have been exposed to a dangerous point.
  1. At this point, an expert will draw up a plan of removal that will be safe to do for the people undertaking the work, the necessary equipment needed for the job, and an effective way to dispose of the offending asbestos material. All of these things need to be done with great care and attention as this is a very dangerous material to be around and also to be working with.
  1. Any tools or clothing used in the removal of asbestos need to be decontaminated using what is known as the wet or dry method before they can be removed from the area that is contaminated. Any clothes or tools used in the work that can’t be decontaminated will have to be put into clearly labelled, sealed bags for removal later. In some cases, if the tools and clothing are easily replaceable, then they will be disposed of completely for safety’s sake.

Ignoring any advice that you get from these removals experts could put you and your family’s lives at risk, so you really need to listen to what they are saying and carry out all their instructions to the letter. This is no time to be trying to cut corners and save yourself money and time. This has to be done right and completed first time.