All You Need To Know About Satellite TVs

Satellite TV, one of the first digital programs to be introduced is a kind of television programming network. It is also known as a direct broadcast satellite service or DBSTV service.  It connects the television sets across the world through radio signals, communication satellites, broadcast centers and the physical antennas.

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How does Satellite TV work?

Satellite TV uses outdoor antennas as satellite dishes. These antennas transmit signals to a satellite signal receiver like a satellite tuner module or set-top box built inside the television set. The source of the signal transmits it to the broadcast center and these radio waves are caught by a satellite dish which helps in broadcasting these signals visually onto the television sets.

What is the satellite TV video delivery process?

The DBS provider will select the programs from innumerous choices of channels and services which will be broadcasted to satellite TV subscribers who have bought the TV packs. The broadcast center plays a crucial role in video delivery.

The TV providers receive and send radio signals to the satellites orbiting the earth. Before transmitting a signal, the programming is converted to digital content.

The satellites receive this digital content and then rebroadcast them to the outdoor satellite dishes in the outdoors of most households. The signal picked up by the satellite dish will be transmitted to the satellite receiver inside the receiver which processes the signal and passes it to the television set.

Cable TV vs. Satellite TV

  • Availability: Satellite TV requires a clear view of the sky whereas Cable TV requires a yard of cables. The choice depends on the availability of the two resources.
  • Permission: Landlords and homeowners associations sometimes pose restrictions against outdoor satellite antennas which makes cable TV more preferable.
  • Equipment: The initial set up equipment for Satellite TV is more because of the dish whereas cable TV only requires a DVR box.

  • Installation: Installation and even repair of the satellite dish are more complicated than the cable box. The fixation of satellite dishes may require professional help and additional charges.


Satellite TV and Cable TV both have their advantages and disadvantages. The decision as to which one to use depends on the use of the customer alone considering their social and housing conditions.