2 Ways to Fix the Thin Content Issues and Prevent a Google Penalty from Happening

There would be times when you will fix the thing content issues with ease particularly when you get a manual penalty warning. Ideal, if your website isn’t big. And if you have like a thousand pages, it may take a while to address all issues. If you can handle the issues by yourself, have a look at the Guide To Local SEO in Singapore. If you’re not sure about it, hire an expert.

  1. Ensure your site looks legitimate

Firstly, if your website seems shallow and shady, then there are odds of getting a manual penalty. If someone from Google deems your website spammy in the first look, good luck! So ensure to include an original template and tweak it a bit, have a logo, and provide contact details and an about page.

  1. More good quality content and less redundant titles

The best page to show that your pages are worth ranking high on Google is to not leave them empty. OnPage SEO calls for more content and it should have at least 300 words of copy. When you are selling something, you write a copy. If you are not sure what to write then make the most of hiring an expert and let them handle this task for you.